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He just couldn't stop her. He'd tried everything. From shooting her to hitting her with blunt weapons. From stabbing her with a homemade spear to throwing grenades at her. He even tried desperately hitting her with his fists. It was all futile. She just stood there and took it all, like nothing could ever harm her. She was just too built and strong 💪.
     Her body was muscled to utter perfection, shredded with bulky muscles that could crush an entire horde of gorillas and tremendously gigantic titties that could crush the fucking moon to bits of rocky rubble. Her massively yoked body radiated with unbelievably and marvelously sculpted abs, bulging biceps 💪, incredibly thick legs, the broadest of shoulders, the thickest of necks, and the most muscular, firmly defined, yet roundest of asses that one person could ever even hope of imagining about. And her tits! Her fucking tits! They stood proudly and firmly on her huge, muscular pecs. She could bounce them just by flexing her chest.
   "Yes, sweetie. You have witnessed perfection," said the muscled woman. "I am so pumped up you can't ever hope to do any harm to my powerfully pumped up body. Just look my guns!" She flexed both of her gigantic pythons, veins protruding on the surface of her sexy skin. "You are afraid, mesmerized, amazed, and horny when you see this bulked up body. You want to fuck me, I know." The big woman bounced her gigantic titties. "Mmmmmmmmmmm. This is what it is like to be pumped. To be yoked. To be UNSTOPPABLE."
   The man tried desperately again to hurt her, but she stood unscathed. "Hmph." She cocked her head, the veins on her muscled neck pulsating. "You can't fucking hurt me, Jack. I'm too fucking jacked. Get it? Yes, that's a real word. But seriously. I'm too fucking powerful to be stopped. Just look at what you're up against." She flexed both of her biceps 💪 again. Jack was utterly petrified at the terrifying, yet glorious site of her musculature. What a build she had developed!
   "All this, thanks to the experiment with the Alpha Virus." She flexed her biceps harder. "Before the incident, I was weak and puny, despite having big tits. I couldn't lift a fly. Now, I can lift and crush anything, withstand anything thrown at me, and destroy everything in my path. And the best part is..." Her breasts shot up in the air. "Nothing nor no one can stop me. Ever." Her tits bounced up and down with glee. Her powerful body aroused her and aroused Jack.
     Despite being sexually turned on by her sexy, muscular physique, he tried another to punch 👊 at her, hitting her square in the abs. It didn't faze her one bit. "Hmph." She cocked her head again, the veins again pulsating on her massive neck. "I told you. You can't hurt me, Jack. I'm too fucking strong 💪 for you, honey." The ogroman flexed her bicep. Then, suddenly, she got closer to him, her tits right in his face. "Look at me, sweetie. Look at my powerfully pumped up and gorgeously juiced body. I am SO fucking strong. Look at big, strong melons." She bounced her big boobs right in his face. "You know you want this. You know you want this sweet ass, these long, muscular legs, and these big, pumped up titties. Mmmmmm. Come on, sugar. Just try to fuck me. I want you to. I will just eat you up and devour you." Now, that petrified Jack.
       She pointed her index fingers to her big tits. "These babies are massively yoked, like the rest of my body." She had her arms in half-flex, still indicating her boobs. "You just love how big and firm my breasts are, don't you, sugar? Mmmmmm." She kept bouncing her tits, before crab-posing. Veins protruded all over her powerfully defined body. She grinned evilly at Jack, knowing she had him at her mercy and absolute leisure.
     "Oops. Did I say that my invincibility is the best part? I actually meant my ability to grow even stronger and more pumped." She bounced her big tits again to frighten Jack. "Observe." And with that, she thrusted her chest out and her tits expanded! "Mmmmmm! This feels so good!" She made the rest of her muscled body grow bigger. First her massive arms 💪, then her tremendously gigantic legs, then her extremely broad shoulders, then her hugely muscled neck, her powerfully sculpted abs, then her vastly yoked back, and finally, her firm, round, and muscular ass.
     "That's right, little boy. You have witnessed utter and complete perfection." With that, she expanded her chest again, making her huge, tremendous tits even thicker, bulkier, and more gigantic than they were previously. Hell, they were bigger than they'd ever been! And she loved her big, pumped up titties.
     "Mmmmmmmmmmm." She flexed both of her now-more-muscled pythons, the veins even thicker than they were previously. "My fucking sexy, juiced body is fucking throbbing and bursting with unimaginable and unstoppable power. Power that I wish to unleash upon the world. Mmmmmm."
     Jack, thinking that she's distracted, throws one last punch at her powerful body. Of course, it was futile. "Don't you get it, Jackie?" She flexed one of her ginormous biceps 💪. "I am utterly unstoppable." She flexed her mighty chest again, pumping her big tits out in his face. Jack is completely petrified at this point. The gargantuan sees this and it pleases her. "Go ahead. Touch my huge hooters." She thrust them firmly into his face, bouncing them up and down to arouse him sexually. Jack could feel their weight, their unstoppable power. He touched them gently, fear making his hands shake. "It's ok. You can be forceful with them," says the muscled woman, letting him know that he'd couldn't possibly hurt her big, powerful tits. "You can even punch them." She bounced them some more in order to provoke him. "Go ahead, sweetie. Thrash at my big, strong pecs. Punch my pumped up titties!" Finally, Jack did punch her massive tits. They didn't move. She felt no pain and her breasts were unscathed.
     "Mmmmmm. That's right, little boy. Know what you're up against. Even my breasts are more powerful than you can ever imagine. Check the flex!" With that, she bounced her mighty tits up and down to demonstrate how strong 💪 her chest alone was. "You couldn't even faze my big, strong hooters. No one can. The virus changed my whole body into a fucking planet-crushing machine. Even my tits possess the power to effortlessly crush planet Earth! Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!"
     Jack couldn't help, despite the horror of seeing this great, sexy beast standing before him, getting an erection. The gigantic woman saw this and her mighty pecs danced with glee. "Yummy." She wanted him to pump his cum right into her pussy. "Come on, sugar. Give it to me." She bounced her pecs some more before pumping them up. The expansion of her mighty breasts made his member get stiffer. "Yes. See how easily I can arouse you with just my mighty, thick chest?" She flexed her bicep 💪. "Mmmmmm. Check my thickness."
     She continued to absorb his essence, making herself stronger and bulkier.
     Her already pumped up body began to expand even more; with each amount of her victim's semen, her body expanded three times its previous size. Her tits alone were over 20 inches long and over 20 inches thick. Her nipples were also harder than before.
       She flexed her gigantic pythons while bouncing her thick, strong 💪, and heavily pumped titties. "Mmmmmm. So many victims have died because of my unsurpassable and unstoppable strength. I'm too powerful for your pathetic world. Nothing can hurt me, ever! And you men would simply pump me up more and more, making me stronger, thicker, bulkier, heavier, huger, and more vascularly muscled. Mmmmmm. Look at this." She pointed to her right bicep as she flexed the ginormous muscle. "Look at that thickness." She held her hand out, indicating her flexed bicep. "It's the hardest thing you've ever seen, sweetie. And when I pump it harder and harder," she said as she pumped the flexed muscle again and again, "it gets bigger and stronger with every pump. Mmmmmmmmmmm!"
     "Who are you?" Jack managed to ask in extraordinarily weakened state.
The gargantuan relaxed her arms.
     "Why, don't you know? I'm Jacked Jane."
     The scene fades to black.
Jack and (Jacked) Jane
Introducing Jane, a supremely buff and immensely powerful body builder, who feeds on her male victims "love juice," making her even bigger, thicker, harder, muscled and more invincible. Read on and experience utter perfection.


United States
I love women with muscle. In reality, I don't want a really huge woman, but I wouldn't mind a muscular one, either. With big, full breasts, firms arms and legs, and a beautiful face. I also like to go to the beach every summer to swim and watch the sun go down.


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